142-lb Baby Rhino

142-lb Baby Rhino
If a heavier anvil is just too much to lug around, the Baby Rhino might be what you need. It weighs 142 lb. Length is 16.7 "; width is 4.75 inches, and height is 9.6 inches.

Baby Rhino has a 1" hardie hole and 5/8" pritchel hole. Price is subject to change, so please contact us for a quote.

To estimate shipping cost, go to http://www.freightcenter.com/QuickQuote.aspx.

There, plug in "99224" for the Ship From Location.

Plug in your zip code for the Ship To Location, and select the appropriate Location Type.

Plug in the following information for the shipment:


160 lb

21" x 13" x 13"

Freight Class: 70

This will give you prices quoted by various carriers. For some carriers, it may be necessary to add $100 for a wooden crate.