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Forge Coke I have 50-lb bags of forge coke available in Spokane, which I sell to local blacksmiths at cost (2018 price, $35 per bag). Pick up only by appointment. Please phone or email me.

The following is historical only. We no longer sell these items

Alloy Bars and Rods Blacksmiths use steel alloy to make tools that can withstand repeated heavy impacts or high temperatures (like hammers, punches or chisels). Alloys are used by bladesmiths to make knives, swords and other cutting tools with remarkable qualities of strength, flexibility, and hardness. We stock standard sizes of selected alloy bars and rods; and we can provide large quantities of almost any alloy including non-ferrous metals like silicon bronze. Please ask for a quote for non-standard sizes, for special alloys, or for larger quantities.

We import tool steel, brass and bronze from China in any size or type you need. The price is substantially less than American prices if the quantity is sufficient to justify shipping. Shipping cost depends on volume, not weight.

Please let us know what metals you need, and what sizes and quantities; and we will send you a quote.

We usually have O-1, D-2, S7 and 45WCrV7 steel in stock, in round bars 31" long and 1/2, 3/4, 1-1/8, and 1-1/4 inches diameter. We also have some 1.5" square D-2 bars 12" long, and S7 and 45WCrV7 bars 1.4" x 2" x 31".

O-1 is an oil-hardening steel recommended for blades because its distortion during heat treating is minimal. It is widely used by bladesmiths.

D-2 is an air-hardening steel that is hardened by heating to yellow-orange and air cooling, then tempered by raising it to a medium-red temperature and air-cooling. It is red-hard and makes excellent punches, drifts, and other smithing tools that need to tolerate high mechanical and temperature shock, but is a bit tricky to heat-treat optimally.

S7 is an extremely tough air-hardening steel, easy to work with.

45WCrV7 is not widely known in the USA, but has been prized by blacksmiths for its high temperature strength: great for hot cutters, hot chisels, etc., though a bit tough to forge.

We can import H-13, A-2, and other specialty steels as needed, in minimum quantities of 220 lb. Bronze plate, bars and rods available on request.

Contact: Steve McGrew

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