All Classes and Workshops will now be taught at GIZMO in Coeur d'Alene

All Classes and Workshops will now be taught at GIZMO in Coeur d'Alene
The following is historical only.

Classes offered:

Railroad Spike Knife Class         1 day           $150

Introduction to Blacksmithing           2 days           $350

Intermediate Blacksmithing               2 days         $350

Introduction to Knifemaking               3 days           $450

Intermediate Knifemaking                 3 days           $450

Steel Flowers                                       2 days           $350

Tongs                                                   2 days         $350

Contact: Steve McGrew


Scroll to the bottom for photos of our students and their work.

Railroad Spike Knives

This is a one-day class for rank beginners in blacksmithing and knifemaking. Students will turn a railroad spike into a knife. Forging the handle and blade, hardening, tempering, grinding, and sharpening will all be completed during this class. Maximum of two students per class.


The beginning class introduces basic skills of shaping, hardening and tempering steel to make tools, BBQ implements, and simple household items that are both useful and decorative.

Advanced classes can be designed to suit the studentís needs: traditional joinery techniques, jigs, tong making, hammer making, forge welding, design skills, project planning, coal or gas forge construction, etc.

These are intensive hands-on classes with a maximum of three students, providing plenty of one-on-one instruction. You will learn by heating, hammering, and shaping steel; making items of both beauty and utility. Please visit our online gallery to see some of the kinds of things you can learn to make. Call Steve at 509-456-8329 (shop), or 509-998-2465 (cell) to arrange a class tailored to your skill level and needs.

Introductory Knifemaking

In this 3-day class, you will make a finished knife: forge, grind, harden and temper a blade, and make/attach a brass bolster and hidden-tang or full-tang handle. See Blade Gallery, [link]. Please call for more information.

Steel Roses

This is a more advanced class, for students who have already achieved some proficiency with a hammer. You will make a Prairie Rose like the one in Prairie Rose, [link], and a "wrapped rose" (see Gallery) or an iris. The skills you learn in making this rose will be directly applicable to forging a wide range of different flowers and other botanical forms in steel. Please call for more information.