The following is historical only. We no longer sell these tools.

Blackbird™ tools are designed by blacksmiths, for blacksmiths. All of our tools are made from steel alloy selected for the application. High impact tools are H-13; swage blocks are ductile steel.

Anvil stakes, swage blocks, spring swages and fullers, handled punches, hand-held punches, veining and grooving tools and other tools are available off-the-shelf or as custom designs made from your model or artwork. Please send a sketch and description with dimensions and ask for a quote. Discounts are available for blacksmithing schools.

Any custom tool design we make for you belongs to you alone, of course. However, if you are willing to let us offer it for sale, you will be credited as the designer and we will provide a link to your website.

The painting at left is by Marilyn Bowles, renowned wildlife painter