Columbia Fire & Iron Hammer-In October 19-20, 2013

Columbia Fire & Iron  Hammer-In October 19-20, 2013
Hammer-in for Central and Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana

Non-stop demos and open forges Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20


Report on the event:

Wow! The October 19-20 hammer-in drew about 60 people. We had 6 forges going nonstop, with a wide range of demos and hands-on lessons:

Russian trade knife Wedge joinery

Animal heads Spiral baskets

Spike knives Coat hooks

Leaves Pineapple twist

Mortise & tenon and more--

Demonstrators included Francis "Pawnee" Buckley, John Huffstutter, Ron Wailes, Ron Weston, Steve McGrew, and Dave Gause.

Ron Weston's cannon shot bowling balls completely out of sight, and his pet dragon roared flame.

Tailgate sales went well, with pole vises, coal and coke,anvils, and tool steel rods moving briskly.

Tom Kunkel brought a few hundred pounds of apples, and Steve McGrew's family brought and hand-cranked a cider press that kept the crowd supplied with delicious fresh-squeezed apple juice.

Our heart-felt thanks go out to Ron and Trudy Weston for generously sharing their land, shop, home and garage to make this gathering possible!

Photos from the event Hammer1a , Hammer2