We have stopped producing touchmarks,

so we are referring all touchmark inquiries to Tim Purdy at Steel Stamps Inc in Boise, ID: Steel Stamps Inc. 1846 W. Airport Way, Boise, ID 83705 (208) 345-2550 (Phone)

The following is historical, not current:

Blackbird (tm) touchmark tools are made from artwork or sketches you send us.

These are punch style tools about 7" long and 3/4" in diameter.

They are fabricated by direct micromachining with a very high-speed air-driven spindle, into annealed H-13 steel. They are finished by heat-treating in a controlled atmosphere for an optimum combination of hardness and toughness, then nitrided for added durability.

Typical price for a touchmark smaller than 3/4" diameter is $140 plus $12 shipping and handling. After 5 years I had to increase the price to $140 from $130 due to increased manufacturing cost. Price may depend on the complexity or size of the touchmark. Delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks after approval of artwork. Sometimes faster delivery is possible at a higher cost. Please contact us, send a sketch of your logo with dimensions, and ask for a quote. Discounts are available to ABANA and Columbia Fire & Iron members.

We will try to put all touchmarks we make into our touchmark gallery. If you do not want your touchmark in the gallery, please let us know.

If you would like to look at existing touchmark designs, click on the Touchmark Gallery link below. You can also look at other collections of touchmarks such as,,,,