Tim J., September 20-22 2013
"Gitfly" Memorial Sculpture
142-lb Baby Rhino
242-lb Papa Rhino
3D Prairie Rose
5 Elements Forge
5 Elements Forge
6", 7" and 8" trivets
A Beginner's First Project: Rebar Tent Stakes
Adam Chater, ACD Welding
Adam D
Address Sign Post (Sword Fern Sculpture)
Adjustable Bending Fork
Alan Auriccio
All Classes and Workshops will now be taught at GIZMO in Coeur d'Alene
Andy Straub
Another view of hummingbird and rose
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin
Anvil Stakes
Architectural ironwork
Architectural Ironwork Gallery
AS ICForge
Ballard Forge
Bar Nine Seven Branding Iron
bass clef
BBQ set detail
BBQ tool sets
Bear Tooth Skinner
Ben at the Power Hammer
Ben Czyhold
Ben Czyhold
Ben Keillor (large)
Ben Keillor (small)
Ben Lee
Ben Ridings
Ben with basket and tongs
Ben's blade
Big spirals
Bill Lodge
Bill Molthen
Black Dog Forge
Blackbird(tm) Tools 1
Blacksmith Supply
Blacksmithing students and their projects
Blacksmithing tools
Blade Gallery
Boar's Head -- Kelly Liddle
Bob Mang -- RC Forge
Botanical Forms
Bowie Knife
Brad Frazier
Brandon Rudnicke
Brent Christiansen
Bruce Crittenden
Bryce Masuk
Buddy Hayes
Burning Uke
Cable Damascus Blade with Hamon
Cable Damascus with Hamon (close-up)
Cameron Woolum
Canary handle
Canary Knife
Candle holders
Candle holders
Candle Stand
Carnival Damascus
Cary Kolstad
Catpaw Forge
Cattail & Basalt Gate
Cecile Bidet
Center Bits
Center scribe
CFL Touchmark -- Jesse James
Chad Gagnon 1
Chad Gagnon 2
Chadwick Avery
Charles Averett
Charlie Russel Hat Memorial for Tom Wickes
Chef Staib
Chengdu, China, March 2012
Chris and Greg, Knife Making
Chris with his second-day project
Christian Nicklas' first iron rose
Christian with his rose
Chuck Moen
Chuck Moen
Circle CP Blacksmithing
Clay and Don
Close-up of Tool Handle
Club and Diamond
Coat Hooks
Cody Boger
Colin MacCrea
Columbia Fire & Iron Hammer-In October 19-20, 2013
Comments and Feedback
Compact Hunting Knife
Cone, Saddle & Ball Stake
Contact us
Corvyn making his spiral trivet
Craig Churchill
Craig Webster
Crane Grille
Crane window grille
Crawfish close-up
Cristin Boyd
Cunning-Hammer Forge
Cup Stake
Custom Ironwork
Dandelion Sculpture for Chengdu Earthquake Memorial Museum
Dandelion seed head
Daniel Campbell (Argyll)
Daniel Yorke
Dave and Cindy's Bench
David Campbell (Argyll)
David Kailey 1-14-12
David Kailey's Tool Holder
David Winestock
Dean Ellis
Death in a Helmet -- Jesse James
Decorative Punches
Decorative Punches
Dennis Dusek
Detail of vines
Dining and Kitchen Items
Dino and Lawnbird
Dog's Doorbell
Don Eckler
Don L
Don Lightfoot
Donald Yehling
Donovan making a punch
Door Knocker
Double Diagonal Peen Hammer
Double Pos Leaf Stake
Doug and Caleb, June 17, 2012
Doug Wilson
Dragon scale
Drawer pulls
Easy Scissor Tongs
Easy Charcoal Maker
Ed Kreyling
Ed Kreyling
Eddy's "Trade Axe"
Eddy's Fillet Knife
Eddy's fillet knife and sheath
Edge Referenced Scribe and Punch
Elizabeth and the things she made
Elizabeth at work in the shop
Elizabeth K., September 20-22, 2013
Eric Lipsius
Eric Sprado
Eric Wolsing (Large)
Erin McKenney
Ernie K
Experimental Lily
Fancy Plant
Feather Damascus
Feather Damascus Chef's Knife
February 23/24 Class
Fiddlehead Stake
Fillet knife
Final Product
Fireplace surround for Littlebrook Farm
Fireplace, BBQ & Wood Stove Gallery
Firewood Crib
Flint Perkins
Flowering Branch
Forge a Corkscrew (intermediate level)
Forge Welding Flux Recipes
Forging Acorns from Steel Pipe (beginning level)
Fork and Ladle on Tam's beautiful BBQ countertop
Fultz Forge
Gardening Tools
Gary Ashmore
Gary J
Gary S
Gate Handles
Gate Handles
Gene Thornburg
George Kaup
Glass item
Glenn Badley
Glyn Hopkins
Gothic Candle Stand (intermediate level)
Grape Leaf Plate
Grooving tools
Grumpea's Forge
Hammer-In Announcements & News
Handle for indexable tools
Handling rivets
Hart Forge
Hat Rack
Hat Rack (bottom detail)
Hat Rack (full view)
Hat Rack (full view)
Hazel's Touchmark
HJ Forge
Hobble Creek Forge -- Shane Hall
Home Furnishings Gallery
ILNAU Glass Stamp
Inland Empire Hammer-In and Swap Meet 2013
Interchangeable tools
Iris and Cattail
Isaac adjusting his flowering branch
Isaac and Jeff with their flowering branches
Jake and Steve, Knife Makers
James Holland
James Walk
Jan Tricarico
Jasmine G
Jeff Kuykendall
Jesse James V
Jesse James VI
Jim Jacobs
John Anderson Rockin' B2K
John Cenotto BB Forge
John Guenther
John Guenther 2
John Harbott
John McGee
Judah Epstein
Julien Beliveau Wood Stamp
Justin Hall (bear paw)
Justin Hall (deer print)
Justin Hall (initials)
Justin Self
Keith Coleman
Ken Dick
Kevin Cotton
Kevin Hutchinson
Kipp and Sawyer
Kipp's first knife
Kipp's first knife
Kipp's second knife
Knife Making Steps (dowloadable file)
Knobs and drawer pulls
Knobs and pull
KV Smith
Kyle Phillips
Lamps, sconces, towel racks, wine racks, etc.
Larry Langdon
Larry Langdon 2
Laura Armstrong
Lily parts
Loren making a punch
Magnetic Blade Clamp
Make Brace bits: Center bit
Making a simple hinge (intermediate level)
Making Drawer Pulls (beginning level)
Making Nails
Making Scissor Tongs
March 31 hunter with Prairie Rose sheath
March 31 in sheath
Mark Cooper
Matching lengths of two bars
Matt and Jonas, Introduction to Blacksmithing
Matt Drennan
McGrew 3D
Menorah 2
Mike Bolden
Mirror Stand
Miscellaneous Photos
Mitchell Gentry
More oak leaves and acorns
Morgan Jade Ironworks
My students in Dujiangyan
Napkin Holder
Napkin Holder -- Detail
Nate Runals
Nathan Butcher
Non-traditional menorah
November 4 knife
Oak Branch and Plum Blossom Branch
Oak Branch Door Knocker
Oak Branch Door Knocker
Oak Branch Door Knocker #2
Oak Branch Door Knocker (intermediate level)
Oak Leaf Bowl
Oak Leaf Bread Dish
Oak leaf dish
Oak leaf dish, acorns and wine
Oak Leaves
Oak, Maple, Aspen
One of the four Papa Rhinos in the Incandescent Iron shop
Open Position
Order Form
Owen Finley
Paul Donnelley Touchmark
Paul Maxsween
Pay Up Sucker -- Jesse James
Perfect Leaf Stake
Petal Stake
Peter Stanton
Peter Stanton (small)
Plant Hanger
Portable Forge
Pot Rack
Pot Rack under construction
Pot Rack with pots
Pot Rack without Pots
Pot rack without pots
Pot rack, with pots
Prairie Rose
Projects underway
quarter note
Ralph Oalmann
Ray Carpenter
Retractable Ladder
Retractable Oak and Iron Ladder
Ric Hawthorne, Ten Crows Forge
Rich Hagerty
Richard Tinder
Rick Crelia
Ripple Stake
Robert Burin
Rome Hutchings
Ron Wailes
Ron's Bowling Ball Cannon
Rose and Hummingbird
Roy Hodges
Russell Smith
Sawyer S
Schaaf Boys
Sculpture Gallery
Sean Davenport, 1-15-2012
Seth Satterfield
Sharon's Arbor
Sharon's Arbor
Sharon's Arbor
Sharon's Arbor 1
Sharon's Arbor 2
Sharon's Arbor 3
Sharon's arbor under construction
Sharon's Rose
Shawn Emmons
Shin, spade, club
Sideros Designs
Simple Hold-Down (beginning level)
Simple Leaf Stake
Skinner 3 with sheath
Skinners 1 and 2
Small Mirror Stand for SK
Small spiral, right and left
Smithing Supplies
Smithing Tips and Projects
Spreading Tongs (intermediate level)
Stainless chef's knife
Stan and his heron
Stan's Heron
Stan's heron
Star and dot
Steak Knife Set
Steak turner
Steel vase
Steer Head and Horses Coat Hook
Step 1
Step 10
Step 11
Step 12
Step 13
Step 14
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Stephen Mickels
Stephen Mickels
Steve Howell
Steve K
Steve Kalb
Steve McGrew
Stillwater Forge
Sunflower in process
Sunflower, December 2017
Sunset Heron
Swage Block 60
Swooshes, right and left
Table fixtures
Tam's BBQ set
Texas Streetworks
The Creston Gang strikes again!
The Creston team at work
The Winning Team
This gate ended up indoors!
Thomas Sanders
Tim Gabriel
Timothy Chase
Timothy Walden
Tinker's Ginko
Tom K
Tom Kunkel - Lake Chelan
Tony Ash
Tony Bjerke
Tools Gallery
Touchmark Gallery
Traditional Menorah 2
Treble clef, bass clef, two quarter notes
Trivet 1
Twist Handle
Twist-Jaw Tongs (intermediate level)
Uke on fire
Veining a Leaf
Victoria Patti
Video link
Wayne Pelt
Weatherby Forge
Wei Sun
Wei Sun's Pearl Necklace Display Stand
West Coast Choppers -- Jesse James
White Bone Knives Touchmark
Whole set on stand
Will Killackey
William Pangburn
William Pratt
Wood Stove Tool Set
Worthley Forge
Wrapped Rose (intermediate level)
Wyandotte City Forge
Xiphos in Sheath
Xiphos Unsheathed