NEWS BREAK! ALL OF THE INCANDESCENT IRONWORKS EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN DONATED TO GIZMO, THE MAKER SHOP LOCATED AT NORTH IDAHO COMMUNITY COLLEGE IN COEUR D'ALENE, ID. Blacksmithing and knife making classes will continue there at Gizmo, taught by some of the same terrific instructors who have been teaching out of the Incandescent Ironworks shop.

It has always been my dream that my venture into blacksmithing that began 16 years ago would lead to emergence of a smithing community in the Spokane area, and that my accumulated equipment could serve as a seed to grow an excellent teaching facility. It appears that my dream is coming true. I have a lot of people to thank for this: first of all, the 500+ amazing students I've been fortunate to have over the past 13 years or so. David Kailey began as my student and easily surpassed my skills as a professional iron worker. John Huffstutter, Bill Mossman, David Kailey, and others who helped form Columbia Fire & Iron. Mallory Battista, who has taken on the responsibility of keeping Columbia Fire & Iron alive during the Covid pandemic. David Richter and David Corn, who have taught from my shop, keeping the flame burning while I couldn't.

Incandescent Ironworks made custom-designed, hand-forged architectural ironwork, ornamental ironwork and furnishings for homes, gardens and businesses.

Our objective has been to give you the best possible materials, workmanship and service at an affordable price.

We offered introductory and intermediate classes in blacksmithing and knife making, and offer advanced workshops several times through the year.

Contact: Steve McGrew 509-998-2465

There is a new smithing community in the Columbia Basin: Columbia Fire & Iron

Check the CFI website for more information: