Welcome to Incandescent Ironworks! We offer artist-blacksmiths American-made and imported tools of the highest quality. Send us your touchmark design and we can get you touchmark punches to you in two to three weeks. Send us your logo and we can send you a Rhino (tm) anvil with your logo cast into its body. Send a design for the power hammer spring swage you've been wishing for, and we can get that custom-made swage to you in two to three weeks.

We also do custom ironwork: gates, railings, personalized barbeque tools, lamps, sconces, hooks, towel racks, wine racks, and a lot more.

Contact us for a quotation based on your sketch or description.

Our contact information:

By email: stevem@incandescent-iron.com
Business email address: info@incandescent-iron.com

Note: If you need directions to the shop, please call or email.

By phone:
509-998-2465 (between 8 a.m. and noon, Pacific Time)


Shipping Information:

Most orders take up to 3 weeks to fill. Some custom orders may take longer. Commissioned ironwork delivery times will be quoted.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: Quality of materials and workmanship is guaranteed. Customers must approve artwork before custom tools are made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of steel is used in Rhino anvils? We use an air-quenched Molybdenum/Chrome/Manganese steel very similar to 8640, tempered to Rockwell 52 hardness.

2. What heat treatment is required for the tool steel rods and bars you provide? Rods and bars are annealed when they leave our shop. After you shape them, you will want to heat treat them to the proper hardness and temper. We include an instruction sheet with each type of steel.