We have one of the world's most extensive libraries of books related to blacksmithing. Some of the books are extremely rare. Visitors to our shop in Spokane are welcome to browse our library.

Here are some links to good blacksmithing books available online for free download:

Blacksmithing by James M Drew 1863
Blacksmithing: a manual for use in school and shop, by Selvidge, R. W. 1872-1941. Allton, James Miller.
Farm blacksmithing by Drew, James M. b. 1863.

Free downloads from England, including:

The Blacksmith's Craft. The Blacksmith's Craft This book, first published in 1952, aimed to meet the needs of craftsmen, technical schools and apprentices training at the time. Today this book continues to be a valuable resource for those studying and working in the blacksmiths craft.

The Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated This version is a reprint of the Blacksmith's Illustrated Guide, originally published in 1930. The complete text has been reproduced with new pages on temperature and measurement conversions and safety added to the back of the book.

Wrought Ironwork: A Manual of Instruction for Craftsmen The techniques in this book are shown by sequences of photographs with concise explanations which are intended to supplement instruction on the anvil. It is hoped this clear and practical method will help the smith to achieve the highest standard of work.

Catalogue of Drawings: Wrought Ironwork Gates This publication of wrought ironwork designs should prove invaluable as a reference and working tool to all those involved in forgework - or interested in the history of blacksmithing

Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork (3mb pdf) This "Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork" is presented in 15 sections. Drawings include door furniture, fire side furniture, lighting, grilles, sundials, sign stands and brackets, and many more.

Catalogue of Drawings: Weathervanes (1mb pdf) Over 200 designs for weathervanes are included ranging from the classic cockerel weathervane design to the more whimsical: St George, the mad hatter, pigs, fish, dogs of all shapes and sizes, sailing ships, cars, witches and of course, blacksmiths.

Decorative Ironwork: Simply Google “Decorative Ironwork pdf”, and you will find many free downloads.

Metals for Engineering Craftsmen (2mb pdf) A book written to enhance the small users appreciation and understanding of the structure and properties of metals.

Blacksmithing articles written by Steve:
Dandelion in Dujiangyan (published in Anvil's Ring, Fall 2009 Dandelion Story
Forging Acorns from Steel Pipe Forge Acorns

Book List:
A blacksmithing Primer, by Randy McDaniel
A Blacksmithing Primer
A handbook of Art Smithing, by Franz Meyer
A Handbook of Ornament, by Franz Meyer
A Manual of the Mechanics of Engineering and of the Construction of Machines, Volume II, by Julius Weisbach
A Picture Book of English Wrought-Iron work
ABANA Design & Build 2004 Airplane Mechanics Rigging Handbook, by R. Hartz and E. Hall
American Blacksmithing by Holstrom and Holford 1982
American Blacksmithing Toolsmith and Steelworker's Manual, by Holstrom and Holford
Americcan Antique Weather Vanes, by Westervelt & Westervelt
Antler and Iron II: Building a Mountain Man Folding Knife by Gene Chapman1995
Anvil Magazine June 1998
Anvils in America, by Richard Postman
Art Deco Decorative Ironwork, by Henri Clouxot
Art Deco Decorative Ironwork
Art Forms in the Plant World, by Karl Blossfeldt
Art Forms in the Plant World
Art Metalwork with inexpensive equipment, by Arthur F. Payne
Art Metalwork, by Emil Kronquist
Artisan Welding Projects, by Karen Ruth
Az europai kovacsoltvas-Muvesseg Tortenete, 2006, by Perehazy Karoly
Badger Wire and Iron Works
Be your own blacksmith
Beautiful Iron The Pursuit of Excellence, by Francis Whitaker
Bent Iron Work, by Paul N. Hasluck
Blacksmith Shop & Iron Forging International Correspondence Schools 1906
Blacksmithing, by James M. Drew
Blacksmithing, by Selvidge and Allton
Blacksmithing for the home craftsman by Joe Pohoski 1973
Blacksmith's manual Illustrated, by J. W. Lillico
Blacksmith's manual Illustrated, by J. W. Lillico
Blacksmiths' Shops
Blacksmiths' Work -- Forging and Welding, by M. Cole
Book of Parts, GM Diesel Power
Budapest in Detail, Perehazy Karoly 2000
Building Superintendence
Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork, Rural Development Commission
Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel, by Frances & Joseph Gies
Celtic Designs Cd-Rom & book, Dover Clip Art
Celtic Designs CD-ROM & Book
Champion catalog
Cincinnati Artistic Wrought Iron Works
Colonial Ironwork in old Philadelphia, by Philip B. Wallace
Colonial Wrought Iron, by Don Plummer
Colonial Wrought Iron
Common Tools of the 19th Century
Complete Modern Blacksmith, by Alexander Weygers
Complete Modern Blacksmith
Contemporary Patination, by Ronald D. Young
Country Craftsmen, by Freda Derrick
Creating with Metal, by K. E. Granstrom
Creative Wrought Ironwork, by Austin Underwood
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork
Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork, by Dona Meilach
Decorative Elements in Architecture, by William Francklyn Paris
Decorative French Ironwork Designs, by Louis Blanc
Decorative French Ironwork Designs
Decorative Ironwork
Decorative Metal Work
Decorative Wrought Ironwork in Great Britain, by Raymond Lister
Descriptive Drawing for Metalwork (Workbook), by Rudolf Baum
Descriptive Drawing for Metalwork, by Rudolf Baum
Early American Ironware, Cast and Wrought" by Henry J. Kauffman 1966
Early American Wrought Iron, by Albert H. Sonn
Elementary Forge Practice, by Robert Harcourt
Elementary Metal Work, by C. G. Leland
Elementary Wrought Iron, by J. W. Bollinger
Engineering Workshop Practice Vol. 3, by Arthur Judge
English Wrought Ironwork of the late 17th and early 18th Centuries, by T. Small & C. Woodbridge
English Wrought Ironwork, Mediaeval & Early Ranaissance, by T. Small & C. Woodbridge
Essay on Shooting, by John Acton
Exercises for Forge Shop Practice, by Buffalo Forge Co
Farm Blacksmithing, by John Friese
Farm Mechanics
File Philosophy
Fireplace Accessories, by Dona Meilach
Fireplace Accessories
For the Smithy
Forge Craft 1913 (reprint 1993), by Charles Philip Crowe
Forge Work, by William L. Ilgen
Forgecraft (original version), by Charles Philip Crowe
Forged Architectural Metalwork, by Peter Parkinson
Forged Architectural Metalwork
Forge-Practice (elementary), by John Lord Bacon
Forging and Welding, by Robert E. Smith
Forging Handbook, by W. Naujoks and D. Fabel
Forging of Iron and Steel, by W. Richards
Forging of Iron and Steel, by William Allyn Richards
Forging Practice, by Carl Johnson
Forging Vol. X Part III Modern Engineering Practice
Forging, by John Jernberg
Forging, by John Jernberg
Forging, by John Lord Bacon
Foundry Appliances
Foxfire 5 Ironmaking, blacksmithing, flintlock rifles, bear hunting, and other affairs of plain living by Eliot Wigginton 1979
General Shop Work, by cc Ashcroft and Jag Easton
Geschmeidetes Eisen, by Fritz Kuhn
Golden Age of Ironwork, by Magaziner and Golding
Golden Age of Ironwork
Hammer and Tongs, by Garry Hogg
Hand Forging and Wrought Iron Ornamental Work, by Thomas Googerty
Hand Forging, by Thomas Googerty
Handcraft in Metal, by Shirley and Shirley
handwrought Ancestors, by Marion Nichall Rawson
Hand-Wrought Ironwork, by Krom Paige
Hand-Wrought Ironwork, by Krom Paige
Hardening Tempering Annealing and Forging of Steel, by Joseph Woodworth
Hardening Tempering Annealing and Forging of Steel, by Joseph Woodworth
Harper's Machinery Book for Boys
Heartland Blacksmiths, by Richard Reichelt
Heat treatment, Selection and Application of Tool Steels, by Willima E. Bryson
Hierros Artisticos, by Luis LaBarta
How to make a blacksmith's bellows, by Robert M. Heath
I.C.S. Reference Library
Illustrated List of Furniture Designs, Rural Development Commission
International Library of Technology
International Library of Technology
Iparmuveszet 1100 Fokon,2002 by Seregi Gyorgy (metallurgy, structural design, and art in ironwork) entirely in Hungarian
Ironwork - Dynamic Details, by Dona Meilach
Ironwork - Dynamic Details
Ironwork Today - Inside & Out, by Dona Meilach
Ironwork Today - Inside & Out
Ironwork Today 2 - Inside & Out
Ironwork Today 2 , by Jeffrey Snyder
Irony by Stephen McGee 2004
J.G. Braun Catalog of Light Fixtures
Julius Schramm by The Arts Authority 1996
Kunstschmiedearbeiten in Modernem stil, by Nw. W. Hofmann
Lectures on Steel and its Treatment, by John F. Keller
Light Forging instruction manual
Machine Tool Operation, by Henry Burghardt
Machinery (practical Journal)
Maintenance of Equipment
Making a Wheel, by John Wright and Robert Hurford
Malleable Casting Brass Founding Blacksmithing and Forging, I.C. S. Reference Laboratory
Manual of Modern Blacksmithing, by Charles Morton
Metal Clay, the complete guide, by Jackie Truty
Metal Crafts in Architecture, by Gerald Geerlings
Metal Forming, forging and soldering techniques, by Jose Antonio Ares
Metals Handbook Vol. 5 Forging and Casting, by ASM
Metalsmith 3 & 2 Navy Training Courses
Metalwork Technology and Practice, by Oswald Ludwig
Metalwork, by Donald Smith
Metalwork, by George Day
Metal-Work, by Harry A. Jones
Metalwork, by Hugh Adam and James Evans
Metalworking for the Handyman: Practical Handywork for All, by Stubbs and Reed
Metalworking: a book for the handyman, by Paul N. Hasluck
Modern Blacksmithing, by J. G. Holmstrom
Modern Shop Practice, by ed: Raymond
Modern Shop Practice, by Ed: Howard Raymond
Moving Metal , by Adolph Steines
My life as an artist blacksmith, by Francis Whitaker
National Mill Supply Co Catalog No. 3
Natural Art Forms, by Karl Blossfeldt
Natural Art Forms
New Edge of the Anvil, by Jack Andrews
Notes for Forge Shop Practice, by James Drake Littlefield
Old Ways of Working Wood, by Alex W. Bealer 1980
Ornamental Draughtsman and Designer, by Robert Scott Burn
Ornamental Ironwork
Ornamental Metal Work and Contracts, by W. Lowndes
Ornamental Metal Work, by William Mackey
Pattern Book for the Artist-Blacksmith, by Max Metzger
Pennsylvakia German Wrought Ironwork: Home craft course, by Robert H. Savage
Plain and Ornamental Forging Ernst, by Schwarzkopf
Plain and Ornamental Forging Ernst, by Schwarzkopf
Plain and Ornamental Forging, by Earnst Schwarzkopf
Pounding Out the Profits, by Douglas Freund
Practical Black Smithing, by M. T. Richardson
Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking, by Percy Blandford
Practical Blacksmithing, by M. T. Richardson
Practical Forging and Art Smithing, by Thomas Googerty
Practical hand Forging, by Capt. Richard Twelvetrees
Practical Shop Work Vol. 2, by Carl S. Dow
Professional Smithing, by Streeter
Professional Smithing
Projects from American Machinist Lindsey Publications 1982
Repousse Metalwork, by A. C. Horth
Revised Plans for the Recuperative Gas Fired Forge Furnace by Robb Gunter 1991
Samuel Yellin, Metalworker, by Jack Andrews
Secrets of the Samurai Sword, NOVA DVD
Sharpening and Making Knives, by Jim Watson
Sheet-Metal Work
Shop Drawings for Blacksmiths, by Jerry Hoffman
Shop Drawings for Blacksmiths
Shop Equipment, Hand Forging, Tool Dressing
Shopwork on the Farm, by M.M. Jones
Smiths' Work, by Paul Hansluck
Smiths' Work, by Paul N. Hasluck
Smithy and Forge, by F. E. Crane
Spanish Ironwork
Stair Building
Steel Working and Tool Dressing, by Warren Casterlin
The ABC's of Blacksmithing, by Fridolin Wolf
The Art of Blacksmithing , by Alex Bealer
The Art of Blacksmithing , by Alex Bealer
The Artist Blacksmith
The Artist-Blacksmith, by Peter Parkinson
The Artist-Blacksmith's Craft, by Julius Schramm
The Backyard Blacksmith, by Lorelei Sims
The Backyard Blacksmith
The Blacksmith and the Welder , by War Department
The Blacksmithing Instructor's guide, by David Harries
The Blacksmith's Cookbook, by Francis Whitaker
The Blacksmith's Craft, by Rural Development Commission
The Blacksmith's Craft
The Blacksmith's Guide, by J. F. Sallows
The Blacksmith's Guide, by J. F. Sallows
The Chromolithographs of Louis Prang, by McClinton
The Complete Metalsmith, by Tim McCreight
The Contemporary Blacksmith, by Dona Meilach
The Decorative Charm of Wrought Iron, by Bozart Lighting Co. The Forge
The Golden Age of Ironwork, by Henry Jonas Magaziner
The Golden Age of Ironwork, by Henry Jonas Magaziner
The Iron Age
The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel, 9th Ediiton United States Steel
The Management of Steel
The Modern Blacksmith, by Alexander Weygers
The Hungarian Blacksmiths Guild, 2003 (Profiles of Hungarian artist-blacksmiths and some photos of their work)
The Oxy-Acetylene handbook
The Pattern Welded Blade, by Jim Hrisoulas
The Scientific Steel Worker, by Ozro Westover
The Skills of a Blacksmith, by Mark Aspery
The skills of a blacksmith Vol II, Mastering the Fundamentals of Leaf-Work" by Mark Aspery 2009
The Smith, by Frederic W. Robins
The Spruce Forge manual of Locksmithing, by Bill Morrison
The Value of Science in the Smithy and Forge, by W. H. Cathcart
The Village Blacksmith by Aldren A. Watson 1968
The Village Blacksmith, by Longfellow
The Working of Steel- Annealing, Heat Treating and Hardening of Carbon and Alloy Steel, by Fred H. Colvin
Tool Making 1905, "Lost Technology" Series, Lindsay Publications
Tools Metals Shop Supplies, by C. W. Marwedel
Tradition and modernity in the Blacksmith's Art, Hungarian Blacksmiths Guild publ. 2006
Traditional Ironwork Designs
Treasury of Ironwork Designs, by Grafton
Treasury of Ornamental Ironwork, 16th to 18th Centuries
Welders Guide , by James Brumbaugh
Welder's Handbook, by Finch
Werk und Werkzeug des Kunstschmieds, by Schmirler
Wolf portable timber sawing machine
Working with Metal, by Time-Life
Wrought Iron (translated), by Fritz Kuhn
Wrought Ironware, by The Munich Art Metallic Co.
Wrought Ironwork- A manual of instruction for Craftsmen
Wrought Ironwork- A manual of instruction for Craftsmen
Wrought Ironwork Gates, Rural Development Commission
Yesterday's Blacksmith, by Charles Nolan